H2020 - all actions: What's the goal and content of the 'researcher declaration'?

The FP7 'declaration of conformity' has been replaced by the 'researcher declaration' in H2020. According to Article 19 of the Annotated Model Grant Agreement, each beneficiary must submit to REA via the Participant Portal a document with information about each recruited researcher within 20 days after the recruitment of the researcher.  The researcher declaration contains personal data (name, date of birth, nationality, gender, family charges, etc.) and data related to the project allowances: start date and end date of recruitment, hosting institution etc. It is important to give correct and complete information since the data will be automatically inserted in Annex 4 (financial statement), for calculating the living, mobility and family allowance units. If the researcher declaration is not provided, you will not be able to declare person months for that researcher.
Individual Fellowhsips in H2020 are exempted to submit the researcher declaration via the Participant Portal.