24 August 2023

ITN: A fellow has not received their salary for a while. What can they do to reclaim their allowance?

The relation between the fellow and the host organisation is regulated by the type of work contract signed between the two parties for the implementation of the ITN project and as such, falls under the legal framework of the country where the contract had been concluded.

If the organisation does not pay these amounts to the fellow, it will not be entitled to claim the units related to the cost of recruitment of the fellow for the period in question. This should be worked through with the REA Project Officer. If the Project Officer finds enough evidence that the work on the project was correctly delivered (although with a temporary breach of Article 32 in terms of salary payments to the fellow), they might consider it is more beneficial to reimburse the organisation so that it could rectify their payments towards the fellow.

However, if the host organisation finally pays the fellow even with 5 months’ delay, it still respects the Grant Agreement.

The coordinator should check if there are any procedures planned in the Consortium Agreement for such cases.