RISE: When is the minimum lenght of a month for secondements reached?

1.The minimum length of 1 month is reached if either:

a. The secondment starts on day n of a month (month N) and ends on day n-1 of the next month (month N+1) – If there is only 1 period of secondment (or several consecutive ones) or
b. The duration of the several secondments periods adds up to 30 days – If there are at least 2 non-consecutives periods of secondment.

2. EU funding is to be paid as a pro-rata of 30 days, in case part of a secondment is not a full month. (Of course only EU funding is only eligible for the cases where at least 1 month of secondment is reached for the respective researcher, as defined in point 1.a and 1.b). The calculation of the funding for each month is to be done as follows:

a. A full month is reached if the secondment starts on day n in month N and ends day n-1 in month N+1

b. When a full month is not reached, the remaining days are a pro-rata of 30 days (each of the 3 categories: 2000, 1800, 700 is paid as pro-rata).