RISE: Can staff paid from an external grant be seconded?

During the secondment, staff members can receive additional financial support from third parties' sources (other than EU projects) provided the third parties concerned do not impose obligations contrary to RISE grant agreement and provided this has no impact on the eligibility conditions of the staff member (e.g. the seconded person must be the staff member of the sending organization and not of the third party by which he/she is paid).

Concerning EU projects:

o   Staff members cannot receive funding from EU H2020 MSCAs

o   The possibility of receiving funding from other EU funded projects is theoretically possible for personnel costs (remuneration of staff) but practically extremely difficult:

§  The beneficiaries must request additional information to the EU services in charge of the concerned EU projects and namely if, depending on the type of action, the actual personnel costs of the PhD can be reimbursed regardless of his/her participation in RISE on a full-time working basis.

§  The other action must be fully compatible with RISE obligations in terms of IPRs, confidentiality, working time pattern, R&I activities, etc.

§  The possibility of receiving funding from other EU funded projects to cover other type of costs is not possible since already covered by RISE (travel and subsistence, networking, training, research, management, indirect costs)

(Answer provided by REA)