ITN: How can an organisation check whether they can act as the non-academic partner within an EID project?

Before applying, each organisation has to register and is automatically classified in one of the two sectors on the basis of the Participant Identification Code (PIC) assigned during the validation process and the information provided. Organisations are considered as belonging to the academic sector if they have been assigned to one of the three categories mentioned below:
• Public or private higher education establishments awarding academic degrees;
• Public or private non-profit research organisations whose primary mission is to pursue research;
• International European Interest Organisations.
All other organisations are by default non-academic.
If an entity does not yet have a draft PIC number, it can be obtained easily by following the instructions via

The validation is managed centrally for all H2020 beneficiaries. If you believe that the validation is incorrect, the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) of the organisation can ask for a correction and changes in the organisation’s legal classification through the participant portal. The access can be found in “My Personal Area” at