IF 2018: Does a draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results need to be included in order for the proposal to be eligible (GfA, p 23)?

No, nothing more than what is indicated under “Impact” in the Guide for Applicants should be provided, i.e. no additional deliverables / documents are needed.

2.2       Quality of the proposed measures to exploit and disseminate the project results
Describe how the new knowledge generated by the action will be disseminated and exploited, and what the potential impact is expected to be. Discuss the strategy for targeting peers (scientific, industry and other actors, professional organisations, policy makers, etc.) and to the wider community. Also describe potential commercialisation, if applicable, and how intellectual property rights will be dealt with, where relevant.
Concrete planning for exploitation and dissemination activities must be included in the Gantt chart.