RISE: In table B1, you are supposed to describe the allocation of person months involved in the different work packages. Is this the number of secondment months to be distributed over the work packages, or is it an estimate of "additional months" to be put into the project?

“Indeed the PM for the seconded staff should be reported for each WP and each participants involved in the WP (template provided).

On the other hand taking into account that Management and indirect costs are covered as Institutional unit cost for each implemented secondments, the consortium must decide on the need to exchange staff for the management.

In other words, although a WP on management is foreseen the PM could be left blank for this WP.

As for the connection between PM in the WP and the overall Gantt chart, PM should add-up in the end.

Please keep in mind that evaluators will mainly evaluate the Part B of the proposal, taking into account the overall Gantt chart. In other words the efforts for each WP should be consistent and realistic towards the WP described and in line with the activities (research, management) foreseen.”
(Answer provided by NCPs and REA)