RISE: Is there any standard template for a letter of commitment from TC for a RISE project?

There is no specific template for the letter of commitment – you could argue that a proper, self-written letter is the least that a partner can do and evaluators do not like 'boiler-plate' templates. But you can do the following:
- Specify the exact task/s in the exact WP to which you will contribute how and with how many resources.
- Name the project clearly and avoid any generalistics (‘we contribute to this RISE – with kind regards, XYZ’ would be of course a no-go, but flesh things out: “We commit to project XYZ-RISE. We plan to host X staff members for Y months in timeslot 123. They shall carry out YXC in collaboration with QWERTY in order to achieve goal ABC.’ And so on and so on.
- Give the correct date on the letter – sometimes people just take old letters of former submissions and evaluators do not like that.
- Even if electronically submitted, a proper scan with a real signature is good form.