IF: What is the average age of successful IF applicants and how are my chances if I am below or above this average age?

With regard to the chances of success for applicants 50+ the results from FP7 showed us that for Individual fellowships (IEF, IIF, IOF, CIG) we had indeed a lot of successful applicants compared with how many applications we received from this category of researchers. Therefore REA wishes to encourage researchers of this age to apply.
In addition to that REA has some statistics for FP7 about the average age of fellows but not yet for H2020:

Average of age at call closure Contract Signed Flag (Y/N)  
Proposal Sub Funding Scheme Y NO Grand Total
MC-CIG 36.2 35.9 36
MC-ERG 34.1 34.1 34.1
MC-IEF 33.1 34.2 34
MC-IIF 35.7 35.7 35.7
MC-IOF 33.3 34.6 34.4
MC-IRG 35.9 35.5 35.7
Grand Total 34.3 34.8 34.7