IF2016: For the European Fellowships, do the secondment organisations require a PIC number and a completed “Capacities of the Participating Organisations” table?

During the implementation of the IF the Experienced Researcher may be seconded to another institution in Europe.
In the form “A5: Call specific questions” she/he will reply to the question “2. Is there a secondment in MS/AC envisaged in Part B of this proposal“:
As you can see researcher will insert the name of the Organisation (not the PIC number)
In part B , the table for “5. Capacity of the Participating Organisations” all organisations (beneficiary and partner organisation) must complete the appropriate table. There is not section for PIC number.
For European Fellowship, in “Step 4 -Manage Your Related Parties” you cannot add the PIC number of the partner organisation for a secondment in MS/AC.
For Global Fellowship instead in step 4 you can add the PIC number for partner organisation located in Third country (but not for a secondment in MS/AC).