RISE: What is the the recruitment policy (type of contact, reimbursement in advance of the secondment etc) of researchers in a RISE project? Can these researchers be reimbursed from the RISE project before the realization of the secondments? Should these researchers work on the specific RISE project or can they be recruited in another project in the organization, 6 months before the realization of the secondments?

Researchers are not recruited into a RISE project, and formally there is no salary funding available in the budget. They should be working in research (paid from other sources, not ) at their sending organisation for at least six months before going on their first RISE secondment. When on secondment, they continue to be paid by that other funding source, and simply receive the €2000 per month allowance to cover travel/accommodation/living costs while away. While on secondment, they should work exclusively on the RISE project. Before and after secondment, the GA does not specify, but I guess ideally their “normal” work should be somewhat related to the RISE project.
I recall discussions in Athens about researchers without salary and secondments in RISE. The answer given by REA was that some of the RTN costs could perhaps be used to pay a little extra to the researcher while on secondment. The same applies to extra travel costs – the RTN category funding could be used where the €2000 per month is not enough.
(Answer provided by NCPs)