RISE: a candidate to be seconded by partner institution A of a RISE project which employs the candidate for 20% of the full research engagement. Simultaneously the candidate is employed on a permanent basis by a research institute which is a partner institution B in the project. The partner institution A is a public agency.

Staff member to be seconded to be eligible must fulfill the following condition:
have already worked continuously for at least six months (full-time equivalent) on research and innovation activities at the premises of the beneficiary/partner organisation (AMGA. p. 429)
The problem is this “full time equivalent” – this person would must have been employed for 2,5 year continuously before the secondment (for 20% of the working time)in the institution A. On the other hand seconded staff member must be devoted full-time to the project during the secondment period, s/he cannot be bound by other contractual arrangements which prevent the fulfillment of this obligation, so s/he would have to take a leave from institution B for the time of the secondment. To make it more difficult, if a person is a staff member of two or more organisations which participate in a RISE project, s/he can NOT be seconded from both organisations. (according to the AMGA).
So, if the abovementioned conditions are fulfilled, the person can be seconded, but it is a difficult situation. It would be best to double check this with REA.

(Answer provided by NCPs)